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        About Industrial Div.

        We “3A Exports” are an Indian based Import & Export Company offering diversified range of products under three vertical divisions. All our products are known for optimum quality, service & reliability. Our 3 different verticals are Chemicals, Industrial & IT.

        Under Industrial Div. : We offer branded items and make to order items as per the specfic requirement and need of the customer. We jointly develop the product mix keeping in mind functional and techinical requirement of end user.

        Falk Couplings

             Falk Grid Couplings


             All Types of Industrial V-belts

        Flexco Steel Fastners

             Flexco Steel Fastners & Rivets



        Nut & Bolt

             Nut & Bolt

        Pulley & Bushes

             All Types of Taper Bush Pulleys of Superior Quality


             V-Belt Pulley, Drum Pulley, Taper Lock Pulley, Step Pulley, Timin

        Plummer Block

             All Type of Plummer Block

        Welding Googles / Safety Spect

             Welding Googles / Safety Spect

        Welding Accessories

             Welding Accessories

        Welding Electrodes

             All Type of Welding Electrodes

        Gas Cutting Accessories

             All Types of Gas Cutting Accessories