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        How can I be sure the quality standards will be met?

        3A Exports start with a customer sample and with companies who already make the right product or deal with similar products. This alone makes a great difference. The sample and specification becomes the base for our final deal. 3A Exports get the items inspected independently before shipment on customer request, which adds to customer assurance. There is always a risk, but from experience, most issues occur where the specification is either not clears enough, or a client retrospectively introduces a technical or packing detail that they assumed everyone knows. To avoid things go wrong, customer come to us in order to remove or reduce that risk.

        What is the Minimum Quantity I need to buy?

        Whilst everybody assumes you have to buy in FCL (full container loads), many orders are less. FCL are the best value for shipping, however volumes can be as low as one cubic meter also.
        The only aspect important is cost of shipping as a proportion of the goods - the smaller the amount, then higher the shipping cost is as a total percentage of the deal, and the less the savings may be. Value is far more relevant than volume.

        What if, despite all the assurances, the products are not up to mark?

        The agreement is with the sample and specification. If in the unlikely event, the product is different to that, then 3A Exports work to resolve the problem. Be it replacement of goods, correction of the product, discounts etc. 3A Exports offer the best practical solution mutually beneficial to both parties. Business is always a relationship game, and almost all of our clients offer repeat orders, so they want to find a practical solution going forward. 3A Exports never walk away.

        What can go wrong?

        Assumptions, Timings and of course Detailing. For example if it was not agreed/informed for the goods to be packed in boxes then they may come in pallets. Were they wrapped in paper or left loose, it is those little details that 3A Exports work hard to quantify, but assumptions are a big risk.

        The other is a slight risk of delay in shipping, or slight risk of damage in transit due to customs or other natural calamities like bad weather etc.
        3A Exports always suggest you to insure all goods, inspect before shipment, and use the best of our experience to check all that 3A Exports can, but as mentioned it is the small oversights that will catch us out if anything will. The sample not inspected correctly, a product fails in heavy use, but it was as per sample…..Rust from salt air, on painted goods where antirust paint not specified earlier. In LCL cargo packing when something heavy next to them in the container moved are some of the things that are out of control most of the times.
        Issues, which are grey as to who is at, fault, but 3A Exports work to resolve any issue, and move on to get the next shipment perfect.